Monday, December 31, 2018

Gold Investing Tip

When investing in physical gold, there are tricks to make sure that one gets the best bang for their buck. Sometimes, one can purchase numismatic gold for close to spot price rather than simply investing in gold bullion. This allows the gold to have both a collector value as well as an intrinsic value as a hedge against the price of gold dropping.

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9 Passive Ways In Which Your Stocks Can Grow

One does not need to constantly buy low and sell high to generate gains in the market. There are different ways in which stocks grow over time without needing to be actively trading in them. For an investor to sit and wonder if they should sell or panic if the market goes down can lead to insanity. Simply invest and almost forget about it and watch your investments grow.

The reason to almost forget about it and not to entirely forget about it is that one has to monitor a company. If a stock goes down because the market is down, no worries. If a stock goes down due to a systematic issue in a company, it is vital for one to eliminate that stock from their portfolio. Imagine if one held on to Sears stocks, for example, since they became under the helm of Eddie Lampert who is actively running the company to the ground by managing it as he does his hedge funds rather than update the stores and maintain competitiveness.

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